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Eline Lie Hæreid

I am educated as a Psychologist at the University of Oslo and are specilized in trauma and stress with a body-oriented approach. Since I started my education I´we been wanting to create a bridge between the scientific and the non-scientific and to look at the experience that isn´t easily explained or inserted into any tradition. I am concerned with what is real and important for the individual. I think the experience every person has and what is perceived correctly and meaningfully for him / her is important.


Our psyche is characterized and shaped by our history of good and bad. Clearing and sorting out what has shaped us can help us get in touch with the more authentic part of us.

Education and experience:

Authorized Psychologist / Cand Psychologist with Specialization in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy - PhD in Psychology, University of Oslo - 2005-2011

Trauma and Body Therapist - Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), DA Norway, 2013-2017

Education in conscious breathing and meditation- Department of Holistic Medicine and Meditation, HMM, 2010-2012

Group Leader- Competence Center for Drugs, Lillehammer College, 2012-2014


Course and experience in:

Art and expression therapy


TRE (trauma realeasing excercice)

Amygdala retraining

12-step method



In addition, I have experience with, and is inspired by Circling, which is an organic and meditative group process.


My work experience is within acute psychiatry, substance abuse and individual treatment with a particular focus on trauma treatment.

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