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Psychodynamic Therapy



Within psychodynamic psychotherapy, the person is understood in the light of his experiences. In therapy, we seek to address the emotional challenges that arises here and now, which often have their roots in the history og experiences. The tool for achieving both understanding and change is the emotional contact in the moment.


Emotional difficulties always arise for a reason and can be a way to master life. How we learned to handle emotions and how we was met can be decisive for how much we dare to be in touch with the living aspect in us and for the present the moments. In therapy you will be supported to get in touch with this part of you in your own pace. I use psychodynamic psychotherapy as a basis. My desire is to meet you as openly as possible and to use the tools that best suit the challenges you must have. In that way, the therapy will be something we create together. Throughout the therapy you can expect to gain greater tolerance and understanding of your own emotions, which in turn can contribute to greater freedom and space to the true you.

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